Azienda Agricola Casa Biddau




Azienda Agricola Casa Biddau

Loc. Musellos - 07044 Ittiri (SS) – Sardegna -Italia

Tel. +39 079/442346


Casa Biddau farm

The casa Biddau farm is in the Ittiri area, at half of a hill 400 meter above the sea level. Surrounded by nuraghic settlements, it extends on a 37 hectares surface, mainly of grassy pastures and 120 goats are grown, by following the pastoral tradition. The farm is provided with milking machinery, shelters and barns, and the goats can enjoy the pasture all year long. Milk thus obtained from january to august is turned into cheese within the small cheese factory of the farm.
The cheese-making follows an ancient method (casu axgedu, acid curd), which include fat, caseins and serum proteins of the milk in just one curd. Form a techonoligical point of view, the ingredients are as follows: goat’s milk, curd, salt; no adjuvants or leavens are used. The milk processing is carried on “uncooked” and the nutritivie and organoleptic characteristics are of great interest. There are two main cheese typologies:
Kintale: soft cheese refined with charcoal powder and 15 days-seasoning, formed on 10 cm. Ø. It wieghs about 350 gr.
Kenadozu: soft seasoned cheese, refined with extra-virgin olive oil, formed on 14 cm and 22 cm Ø, whose weight is 1.3 and 5.0 Kg, respectively.