F.lli Bitti Panificazione



Via Mazzini, 1 – 07010 Benetutti (SS)
Sardegna - Italia
Tel. +39 079/796980

The Bitti brothers’ bakery

The Bitti brothers’ bakery was established in 1980, thanks to three brothers who wanted to give value to a typical product of sardinian tradition. Today there are four partners.
The craft bakery produces mainly spianate and spianatine “Ozieri type” .
The spianata is a typical thin round shaped soft bread, that is also very easy to carry. The shepherds used to eat it during the transhumance and the long stay in the countryside.
The environment, climate and the use of genuine ingredients allow, to obtain, still today, a tasty high quality product with a unique smell, thanks to bread-making process, which follows traditional processing methods.
The Spianata can be eaten alone, and they are excellent with typical starters of our island, based on cheese, ham, sausages and salami.
They are also excellent as a base for botargo and tomato canapè.