Cacioc dibonorva Srl





Zona Industriale Campu Giavesu

07010 Giave (Sassari) – Sardegna - Italia

Tel./Fax +39 079/866215




The chesse factory Cacioc Dibonorva Ltd. started its activity in 1988 by producing the typical “peretta sarda” (a sardinian round soft cheese). Over few years, thanks to the the commercial success, the firm widened its own production by manufacturing spinned pasta such as: “nuraghetti”, “panpippola” “cacioccone”. In the year 2000 the product range becomes even richer, thanks to the Cheese creams, both natural (classic and sweet) and flavoured (red pepper, olives and botargo). In year 2005, after the new warehouse was completed in Giave (Sassari), two new product lines have been realized: a complete range of ovine and goat’s milk cheese, and a complete range of ovine, goat and mixed yoghurt, both natural and flavoured.
Now, the firm is is implementing a new quality control system, according to the ISO 9000 regulations and it has started a new product tracking project. In the near future, a new study about the feasibility of organic products will be started.
The future development of the firm goes through the expansion of its own range, and the search for new market niches, by exalting the typicality of local products, and by preserving (even though at an industrial level) those traditions that would risk of being forgotten.