Ditta Carta Maria Efisia




Via Nuova, 1 – 07010 Esporlatu (Sassari) – Sardegna – Italia

Tel. + 39 079/793024


Maria Efisia Carta’s Firm

The firm, located in Esporlatu (Sassari), is specialized in producing the “Pane fresa”, which is strictly hand-made and baked in a wood-burning oven.
The bakery started as a sole-proprietor firm about 25 years ago, on the initiative of the owner. 8 years ago it turned into a family-business, due to commercial success.
The local and regional markets are the main reference markets, even though the home and the foreign markets are hold into great considerance, therefore the product is promoted by attending fairs.
The “pane fresa” is a very thin round-shaped sheet of bread, its colour ranges from golden white to deep red. The great quality of “pane fresa” is to keep taste and fragrance for several months.
The “pane fresa” is essential at the daily table and it replaces the fresh bread, it can be enjoyed in several ways: alone, wet, seasoned with olive oil and salt and then baked again (pane guttiau), layers can be soaked in stock and then put on the plate and alternated with tomato sauce, grated sheep’s milk cheese and stock-cooked eggs (pane frattau) or it can be prepared according a lot of different recipes.
The main ingredients are: flour, durum wheat flour, water, yeast, salt.
A different version is the “pane chivarzu”, which is completely made of wholemeal flour.