Comitato Produttori Pecorino di Osilo




Responsabile Turra Gavinuccio
Via Campicello, 13 – 07033 Osilo (SS) – Sardegna - Italia
Tel. +39 079 42695 - Cell. +39 360 498282


Sheep’s milk cheese producers committee of Osilo

Pecorino (Sheep’s milk cheese) is a half way cooked cheese made of sardinian uncooked whole sheep’s milk. It is a bit smaller than the classical sardinian sheep’s milk cheeses (smaller diameter and a bit higher scalzo), its weight ranges between 1,5-2,5 kg, it has straw-yellow thin crust and pulp.
The processing is characterised by the long pressing (or stifling) by using a rudimentary mechanical press, after the curd has been broken up in small granes.
Tha pulp is soft, fat, greasy and it has a very strong smell and a particularly aromatic taste, which is even stronger in the seaseoned ones. The ideal seasoning should last about 5-6 months, but it can last even two years.
Whey produced during cheese-making is used to produce ricotta (soft white unsalted cheese), part of which is subjected to a subsequent transformation in smoked “Ricotta mustia”.
It has a cilindrical flat shape, and weighs about 1,1 - 1,3 kg, with an either deep or light amber thin crust, which has some grooves on both faces due to the “cannitu”, a sort of rack where the Ricotta rests during the smoking process by aromatic essences.
The pulp is white, dense, soft and it as a pleasant taste, slightly salty and smokingly flavoured. It can be eaten when it is fresh, but it can be also seasoned for a long time, during when it gains a very strong taste.
During recent years, great efforts have been made to promote the typical dairy produce of Osilo. The first step was the Slow Food Facility, founded thanks to the aid of Gal Coros and the Osilo municipality, and in 2003 the setting up of the Comitato Produttori Pecorino di Osilo (a committee of the sheep’s milk cheese producers in Osilo), whose aim is to obtain the PDO for the sheep’s milk cheese.