Pasticceria del Corso di Sechi Gavina & c. snc



Via E. Toti, 26/A – 07047 Thiesi (SS) – Sardegna - Italia
Tel. +39 079 886751

Pasticceria del Corso of Sechi Gavina & c.

The pastry shop started its activity in Thiesi in 1988. Mrs. Gavina Sechi, Mrs. Rita Sechi and Mrs. Teresa Sechi are the founding members.
The laboratory is in Thiesi, on a 150 square metre area, it is used as a production site, whereas the shop is in a different place in Thiesi.
The production takes place by using modern machinery assisted processes, which are mainly handled and controlled by skilled and experienced people, whereby the firm can be seen as a craft.
Staff is composed by 3 people.
Production includes the following items:
Dry pastry;
Macaroons, Petit Fours, typical pastry (cooked wine Tericche, papassini, bianchini, formaggelle), egg.made biscuits, tea-biscuits, and all the local pastry.
Fresh pastry
Cream-pastry, cream puff, wedding cakes;
Savoury pastry
Bit-size pizza, salt biscuit, axc.