S.O.S di Antonio Fiori Lab. Artigianale di Dolci Tipici

Fiori Antonio



Via Regina Elena, 94/a- 07030 Florinas (Sassari) - Sardegna - Italia

Tel./Fax +39 079 438067 - cell. +39 347 1330977


S.O.S of Antonio Fiori
Typical confectionery

The Sapori Originali sardi (Sardinian origial tastes). A confectioner’s which produces typical sardinian confectionery, was established in Florinas in 1997, with the strong will of regaining possession of the ancient handcraft methods, which were used in making high quality oven products. The Sapori Originali Sardi is committed in spreading the knowledge and the taste of the food and cultural heritages connected to the local tradition.
The recipes of S.O.S. strictly respect the confectionery traditional tastes, linked to ceremonies, when feelings and folclore, traditions and usages are expressed.
The different packagings contain classical products of the local tradition, such as: “Riccottelle”, “Macaroons”, “Sardinian biscuits”, “Papassine”, “Copulette”, “Formaggelle”, “Teriche” and some savoury products such as “cannolo with honey and almonds”, an example of refined confectionery architecture.
Every variant is pleasant in every moment of the day, and they are a special souvenir of Sardinia, and a special gift.