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Lisca’s brut Metodo Classico is a sparkling white wine bearing the year of production, obtained by a grape blend of local white and black grasp, collected in 2001 harvest, which have always been part of the wine tradition of Sardinia.
Only the best grasps are used to produce the basic wine, obtained by flower must, by soft squeezing. The fermentation takes place in stainless steel containers, at controlled temperature, in order to exalt the primary fragrances of the grasp.
During the subsequent spring the sparkling process starts, by the Classic method, which implies a second fermentation inside the bottle. Thereafter the foam intake starts: the carbon dioxide, coming from the sugar transformation process helped by means of selected yeasts, will melt in the wine, with the pressure inside the bottle progressively increasing to about 6 atmospheres.
The bottles are the placed to settle in the wine cellar for at least 36 months, during which slow, but deep, changes occur.
After the seasoning, prior to the marketing, the remuage will be done, that is the procees by which the fermentation deposit, mainly consisting in yeasts, is brought toward the bottle cap, to be eliminated; this is the so-called outpour. Hereinafter the maturation is interrupted, so the product shelf-life, when stored in a dark, fresh place and horizzontally, will be about 18 months.
It has a deep straw-yellow colour, with a persistent and lively perlage. It shows a strong scent of bread-crust, followed by a note of honey, not yet split from honeycomb and yellow flowers. Thanks to his dry flavour and good softness, with a sourish vein, it can be served either as an excellent aperitif or with meals, and it combines well with fish, shellfish and seafood-based dishes. It also combines perfectly with well-seasoned cheeses.
Alch. 12,5°; produced bottled 1645; service temperature 6°. If it cannot be kept at a temperature of 6°, it is suggested to cool it a 3°-5°.