Panificio Mellino Bitti

Mellino Bitti



Loc. Pedras Liras – 07010 Nule (Sassari) – Sardegna – Italia
Tel. +39 079/798479 – Cell. +39 3403110787


The Mielino Bitti firm was founded in a small sardinian village in the Goceano, Nule (Sassari) at an altitude of over 700 mt.
The firm is a family-owned business and it is specialized in producing the “carasadu”, a kind of bread which was used by shepherds because of its shelf-life (over 1 year).
Even though the firm started its activity in 1999, it can rely on highly skilled staff, which has been working in bread-baking for over 20 years.
Since the beginning, the bakery has aimed to produce high-quality handcrafts, by selecting starting materials which enable to reach a high standard of “Pane carasadu”.
Over the years, after a close analysis of the market, the firm choose to invest in machinery for the production of this bread. These machines enable to improve the quality of the end-product which reatains the traditional handycrafted character.
Our production is directed to several market sections, it takes into account the needs of different kinds of customers: those who live in the same area and buy directly from the bakery, those who live in the big cities and buy the bread by the shopping centres; tourists, from Italy and form abroad.