Azienda apistica Moios




Viale della Libertà, 2 – 07011 Bono
Tel. +39 079/791243 – +39 340/3737592


Our small firm was established in 1999, as a sort of hobby, from our love for bees. The Azienda apistica Moios was founded by Pinuccia Nurra, when she collected two swarms and bought two beehives. Over the time she increased the hives to the actual 100 families, thanks to constant updating, courses, meetings, and improvement of new methods and, overall, the practice on the field. Since the beginning, our firm aimed to produce and sell a genuine product, thanks to the attention ensured by a family management and the reconciling new technologies and respect for traditions and nature.
Why Mois­? Moios was a word to refer to the old skep, made employing the anatomic characteristics of the cork oak.
The headoffice is in Bono, the Goceano main town, downstream the woody Mount Rasu.
The area where the activity takes place comprises a large ground, geografically bounded at SW and NW by tha Goceano mountain chain, at NE by the plateau of Bitti and at SE by the Serra di Orotelli. Such a catchment basin is called Goceano or Alta Valle del Tirso. In July, part of the hives are moved from Goceano to Chilivani, in order to produce eucalypt honey.
The beekeeping is based on nomadism, which allows to bottinare all the sources of nectar and the spontaneous essences of the the Mediteranean scrub in our countryside. The most important honeys produced by the firm derive from the nectar from:

4.Strawberry tree;
5.Mille Fiori.