Azienda Agricola s.s. F.lli Nioi





Azienda Agricola s.s. F.lli Nioi

Via Carducci,1 – 07047 Thiesi (Sassari) – Sardegna- Italia

Cell: +39 347 0032097 - +39 347 0032098


Farm s.s F.lli Nioi

The Nioi brothers’ farm is in the northern sardinia, in the Bonnanaro Municipality area (Sassari), in a well-known land thanks to the high-quality grapes, grown in sunny and sandy grounds, from which the wine takes its name “badde rena”, which in sardinian means: “sand valley”
The Nioi’s have always worked in countrylands, most of all by growing ovines, and considering the wine production something like an hobby, mainly related to the pleasure of offering a glass of wine, made like in the past, to guests.
Over the time the grapes have been selected, thus improving the peculiarities of these wines, which are well-known and appreciated by an incrasing number of connoisseurs, who have led the Nioi brothers to bottle and market this product, which was just for few people.
The results are two high-quality wines, for demanding customers which are not content of a famous name, but who want to taste genuine wine, made by organic farming, with no chemical products which would change its original peculiarities of freshness and genuineness.
Caente de Baddarena, is a strong red wine as the character of its land. It comes from sunny and dry vineyards in summer, that are windy in winter, the wild hay, the lentisk, the blackberries, the juniper and the other natural attars which surround these lands, co-operate to create a particular wine, which is a pleasant mixture of strong and smooth smell and taste, that are marked and noble to the palate.
Areste (Wild): it is a smooth dry white wine which, thanks to the organic farming, keeps its peculiarities of freshness and genuineness. Its smells, which come from the sandy hills of Badderena, make it a fine and harmonic wine.