La Pagnotta di Osilo di Frau Giovanna e C. s.n.c




Via Roma, 49 – 07033 Osilo (SS) – Sardegna – Italia
Tel/Fax 079/42328

LA PAGNOTTA DI OSILO di Frau Giovanna & C. s.n.c.

The original bakery was established in 1955. In year 2001 two partners, Giovanna Frau and Nicolino Olmeo, the latter had been working in bread-making since 1968, bought out the firm and they chose the actual name “La Pagnotta di Osilo” (the loaf from Osilo).
The buy-out of the old bakery took place because the two two partners wanted to save an essential part of the typical gastronomic heritage of Osilo (SS), the loaf, which otherwise would have been lost or even radically changed due to the overwhelming industrial production.
Since the first days of activity, the firm has payed attention to search high quality starting materials, to care the production, particularly carefully about lleavening and baking times.
Today, even though the processing is helped by state-of-the-art technology, part of the processing is manual. In order to achieve the typically shaped loaf, in fact, the skills of the owners is necessary, and they hand down this ancient art to their son Damiano, an attentive apprentice.
The loaf, whose homemaking was on a weekly basis, in order to meet the family food requirements, is a tipically dome shaped bread, with a soft core and a sweet-smelling crust. These requrements allow a long shelf-life. The loaf of Osilo is suitable to accompany any course of the sardinian gastronomic tradition.