Panta Salumi s.a.s di Piga Antonio & C.




Località Montisu Othieri – 07047 Thiesi (SS) – Sardegna – Italia
Tel/Fax +39 079/885191 – cell.+39 349/2845267 - +39

PANTA SALUMI s.a.s di Piga Antonio & C.

The sausage and salami factory was established in 2004 in Thiesi (Sassari), with the name of “Panta Salumi” by Antonio Piga and Michele Piredda.
The experience gained in this field brought the founding members to search the ancient tastes of an ancient land.The aim of Panta Salui is to spread all over the world the genuineness and the freshness of our local salami, which are hand-made according to the tradition, and prepared by using just italian and sardinian first-rate meat, which is strictly checked befere use.
The factory offers a wide range of products:
The sausages: “classic”, hand-processed, -closed and –tied, seasoned for 15/20 days; smoked, seasoned in storerooms wherein they are naturally seasoned with wood and juniper berries; “Sa tanchitta” with wild fennel seeds and “Sa Piccantedda”, with red pepper.
The sardinian pork neck salami: “Sa Niera”: hand-processed, seasoned for about 20 days;
Whole lard “Sa Nastula”.
The loin: “S’ispinu”, it is an hand-mixed excellent piece of flesh, seasoned and packed under-vacuum in order to keep the original taste.
The sardinian bacon: “Montiju”. It is a peppered and strong but delicate taste bacon, and it can be also smoked, and packed in slices;
The several kinds of salami “fronte Mola”: classic sardinian salami, small salami and whole small sardinian salami.