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Bonnanaro (SS) Strada St. 131,km 180
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Cheesefactory Fratelli Piga
It started its activity in 1992 in Perfugas (Sassari), and it specialized in making cheese and ricotta (soft white unsalted cheese). After few years, thanks to the large demand on the market, the managers of the firm decided to sensibily increase the production of the cheesefactory and in 1999 they moved to Bonnanaro (Sassari), in a new building, suitable for the new enlargement plans.
The large range of products includes: the classical sardinian peretta (a round shaped cheese), which ranges from 500 grams to 5 kg, the “fresine”, “provoloni” (roundish firm cheese made of cow’s milk), which can be either sweet or strong, or can be used fresh to make the “seadas” (a fried sweet, made of pastry, cheese and lemon, with sugar or honey added on top), “pischeddu”, used to make the “formagelle” (a sweet made of pastry, cheese and raisins).
Other products are particularly requested: ricotta, both sweet and salty, and the “dolce latte”, a soft half way cooked cheese.
The main markets where the firm is present are Sardinia and northern Italy.
A new project involves the production of organic cheese (today the milk comes from cows fed with natural feedstuff and raised in a natural state) and the making of goat and mixed products.