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Farm of F.lli Pinna s.s

Our family has owned ancient olive groves just outside Sassari for generations, in a place called “Prato Comunale”, from which we chose the name Antichi Uliveti del Prato (Ancient olive groves of the Prato). The extra-virgin oil “Antichi uliveti del prato”, which is monocultivar, is made by pressing olives from “bosana” trees.
The grounds face south, 250 metre above the sea level, and they are very sunny. The ground has a clayey composition and under the surface there are basaltic rocks, which allow the trees to develop in height, leading to high quality drupes, even though not too abundant.
The oil yeald is about 18/20 litres per quintal of olives. The cultivation has been carried on for years, by using the integrated system, and thus naturally and functionally, with only necessary treatment. The olive picking is aided, when allowed by the many ancient protected trees, by shaking machinery.
Particular attention should be addressed to the right time for the picking, which we do when the olives change colour from green to black. (so called becoming dark): when picked, they are stored in pierced crates, which let the air through, thereby avoiding the mould, which would damage the product.
Then, olives are washed for the pressing. Such a last step, notfrom an importance point of view, takes place in the endless line oil press, that we own, located by the olive groves. Such a proximity to the picking place enables he oil extraction just few hours after the picking, in order to avoid that, during this delicate step, any alteration of the product occurs. The oil extraction system is usually a cold working system. Before the bottling, oil is allowed to settle within proper steinless steel containers and thereafter it is decanted, in order to allow a further natural purification: our oil typology enables a complete purification of the impurities through this ancient and effective method.
This, joined to some other chemical components, makes it particularly steady over the time, and thus it keeps for a longer time all those components, which render the extra-virgin olive oil the main source of monounsaturated acids (which help to keep the HDL cholesterol high), of poliunsaturated acids, and anti-oxidants.