Panetterie Sanna




Località Cae, Zona P.I.P. – 07018 Pozzomaggiore (SS) – Sardegna – Italia

Fax +39 079/802205 – Cell. +39 335/465598



Sanna Bakery deserves the adjective of "historic". It has existed for fifty years.
It started in the month of may of 1951 and, since then, the bread it produces has become a real tradition in the day-life of a lot of people.
Not only does it produces common bread in all its shapes, but also a variety of local kinds of bread, such as "Chivalzu", "Zichi", mejlogu summer bread, "Sa ammodde", a traditional winter bread and "Bistoccu".
Some chorographical elements made of bread, such as the famous "wedding crowns", need a certain care and attention both for the refinement of the same and for the values they evoke.
Bread is the king of food and its production requires experience, care and passion.
These are three of the elements that made "Sanna Bakery" a leader of the bakery industry in Sardinia.