Acqua Minerale S. Lucia




Regione Santa Lucia – 07012 – Bonorva (Sassari) – Sardegna – Italia
Tel. + 39 079/867868 – Fax +39 079/866683



Acqua Minerale S. Lucia is a one century old firm, thanks to Giulio Negretti, a businessman from Como, who appreciated the good taste and the pecularities of that spring water on the ridge of the Mount Oltovolo. He founded the establishment on the slope of the hill. He got the first analysis of the water in 1895, followed by the the first hand-bottling and some honours in Tripoli, Turin and Paris in 1911. The first labels of 1922 and 1925, the medals and the first authorization in 1927 are still stored in the office of the factory. After Giulio Negretti died, his sons moved the factory to the lower part of the hill, and it was also enlarged and improved. Water springing in this area, surroundend by dormant volcanoes, has a special flavour, thanks to some minerals (bicarbonate, calcium, fluorine, iron and manganese) which mate with the bubbles, present even in the stratum. In 1992, glass returnable containers have been replaced with PET and disposable glass containers.
Products include:
Sparkling water, 1,5 liter (PET)
Slightly sparkling water, 1,5 liter (PET)
Sparkling water, 1 liter (PET)
Sparkling water, 1 liter (returnable glass container)
Sparkling water, 1,5 liter (disposable glass container) –six-pack
Sparkling water, 1,5 liter (disposable glass container) –twelve-pack
The aim is to update the PET producton within this year, thereby doubling the production and the choice for customers.