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Via Roma, - 07012 – Bonorva (Sassari) – Sardegna -
Tel. +39 079/866200




Tifany Confectioner's was founded in 1985 by Francesca Boi and Pinuccia Sanna, who distinguish themselves for their ability in thè production of tasty sweets keeping on mind thè traditional confectionery process, but also a variety of products that belong to thè national confectionery industry, stili up-to-date as far as taste and aroma are concerned.
"Papassini", "amaretti", "sospiri", "bianchini" and "telicche", already well known worldwide, are only some of thè traditional sweets that are on sale at this confectioner's. Variations of old recipe are also possible, such as a new wave-shaped "Principessa" (a sweet from thè village of Cheremule).
High quality an tradition are wisely blended in thè production of "croccantini", "pesche", "petit four", cakes, fruit sweets and magnificent wedding cakes.
Puffs and creams are delicate and tasty, no powder cream and frozen puffs being used. Even thè "saba" for thè "telicche" is produced at this confectioner's and is flavoured with orange peel.