Panificio Artigianale di Uleri Salvatore Antonio




Via Manzoni, 82 – 07011 Bono (Sassari) – Sardegna - Italia

Tel. +39 079/790938



Salvatore Uleri’s bakery is specialized in producing carasau bread or “fresa bread”, as it is typically called in Goceano.
An accurate choice of starting materials and a rigorous respect of the traditional production process, give the product the particular genuineness of home-made bread.
The respect for the productive tradition led the firm to choose the handicraft production insetad of the industrial one, to avoid the loss of products’ peculiarity.
The bread of Uleri’s Bakery comes from a slow process, which is not forced by the up-to-date manufactures. During the several steps (breaking-up, portioning and rounding) every disc of bread is individually kneaded and the leavening, which takes place naturally, observes its own timing, without any acceleration.
The baking takes place in a wood-buring oven, in two different times: the first step, the fresatura (sort of milling), from which the bread is named, is used to divide the disc in two parts, the second step, assatura (second baking), makes the bread coloured and crisp.
Still by using traditional methods, the firm produces also the tipycal “spianata sarda” (a round thin bread, a bit thicker than carasau).