D&D Su Zichi di Deriu e Dottori




Z.Industriale Artigianale Cadreas - 07012 Bonorva (SS) – Sardegna - Italia

tel e fax. +39 079/866680

Deriu Giampiero +39 347/6983100

Dettori Francesco +39 340/2323844


D&D SU ZICHI di Deriu e Dettori

The “Su Zichi of Deriu & Dettori” has been working since 1998 in Bonorva, in the province of Sassari, in the Logudoro area. The owners are involved in both production and local distribution.
The firm produces zichi, a high quality typical bread, made of durum wheat flour. It is round shaped, with a diameter ranging between 25-30 cm, and 1 cm thick, made either soft or tough. In the soft version, it is excellent when tasted alone, filled, or dunked in soup, mean stock, or in caffelatte, and in all the tasty recipes where in bread in included.
When tough and stored in no humidity conditions, the bread shelf life can be even 6-10 months. A recipe provides that the bread is cut into small pieces and cooked in boiling sheep stock or in stock made of lard a parsley. In both cases, at the end of cooking, potatoes and onions are added, to make it taster. Once the bread is ready, sheep’s milk cheese is added (pane uddidu).
“Pane a fittas” represents a different recipe, wherein small pieces of bread are cooked for about 15 minutes, and then tomato sauce and abundant sheep’s milk cheese are added, to make it taster. It can also be a replacement for pasta in every recipe.
“Su zichi” is characherised in that it can be subjected to a long cooking and it can be dunked in soups without loosing quality and firmness.
Pane Su Zichi is going to be given the IGP certification.
Al pane Su Zichi sta per essere conferito il marchio IGP.