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Population: 730
Altitude: 446 metri s.l.m
Area: 37,2 Kmq

Town hall: Via Pascoli, 5 – Tel. 079.799046 - Fax 079.799288
Postal code: 07010

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Municipality of Anela

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Brief notes on the town:

The town is situated at the foot of the panoramic Punta MasiƩnnere. It is one of the less populated centres of Goceano, but this does not impede its development: the pastoral activity has found its ideal location to transform milk giving life to the only social dairy of the area, proving itself to be essential for the breeders of Goceano. The state forest, which extends for 1,000 hectares, covered by Holm oaks, downy oaks and holly, offers employment and extensive summer pastures. Equipped with picnic facilties and camping sites it has also become an economic resource and tourist attraction.

Economic activities:

The local economy is based primarily on sheep farming and milk processing. Homemade pasta and the crispy fresa bread are perfect for preparing traditional Sardinian recipes. The flavour of the Mustia ricotta cheese is strong and sharp while the taste of honey and orange prevail in the sweets.

The history:

In the Middle Ages Anela was the most important centre (the villa) of the administrative region from which it took its name. In Siana, at the end of the last century, a bronze tablet was found bearing the discharge certificate (the honesta missio) issued to a Sardinian soldier called Ursario, under the Emperor Galba (68-69 A.D.): today it is preserved in the Sanna Museum of Sassari. The territory offers the necropolis of Sos Furrughesos built between 3000 and 2300 B.C., consisting of 18 domus de janas dug into the trachyte ridge with elements of sculpture, painting and engravings. In addition to the Siccadores nuraghe the archaeological site of Urchinele is of considerable interest. Visited in large numbers during summer, the locality of Forest of Anela is distinguished by the rich vegetation of pines, firs, maples and chestnuts, but also because it is equipped for camping and as a rest area for outdoor dining – wooden picnic tables, barbecues, and fountains. The Church of San Giorgio di Aneletto preserves the beautiful and ancient statue of the Blessed Virgin while the Church of Nostra Signora diMesumundu preserves the Medieval frescoes typical of the Florentine school of painters.

Traditions and events:

Way of the Cross Urban centre March 25
Feast of Holy Mary Agro Last Sunday in May
Feast of Saint George Locality of S.G. di Aneleto First Sunday in August
Feast of Saint Barbara Urban centre August
Feast of Saints Cosma and Damiano Urban centre September 26-28