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Population: 453
Altitude: 447 metri s.l.m
Area: 2.684 Kmq

Town hall: Via Roma, 38 - Tel. 079.886157 - Fax 079.889943
Postal code: 07040

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Municipality of Bessude

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Brief notes on the town:

It is a secluded tiered centre in a picturesque position on the northern slopes of Mount Pelao of volcanic origin in the shape of a real crown of basalt rocks. Its buildings reveal a late Medieval and Renaissance urban imprint. At the centre of the town is the parish church, dedicated to the patron Saint Martin, built with late Gothic shapes in 1620. It comprises a nave and two chapels for each side, two of which hold the remains of Latinist, Francesco Carboni and Monsignor Giuliano Cabras After years of restoration work, in 2005 the Church of San Leonardo was reopened for worship. It dates from the Gothic period and once held the cemetery. The exterior is very simple. The interior, for its harmony, spatial scanning and perspective effect, reveals a remarkable stylistic conception of genuine artistic value with its beautiful capitels of the apsidal pillars and the cross vaults of the nave and the presbytery (some bejewelled). A touch of colour is provided by the murales, the first of which remembers the terrifying fire in 1988 in which thirteen year old Antonio Tanca lost his life. A number of domus de janas have been found and studied in the locality of Enas de Cannuia.One of these, – the Tomb of sculpted Pillars,- is of considerable artistic workmanship due to the graffiti that adorn it. In the former, recently restored Palazzo Marongio, an important documentation centre is at the start-up stage. Set up by the current Town council with the assistance of the History Department of the University of Sassari, the centre is dedicated to the study of the settlement of the Mejlogu during the Medieval period and there is also an exhibition area.

The history:

The town reveals pre-Nuragic settlements that date from before 1,500 B.C and Nuragic settlements of the XV-VIII century B.C. Evidence of Roman and Byzantine presence (V-VI centuries A.D.) can also be seen while the current site has been inhabited since as far back as the XIII century). On 18/07/1436, together with Thiesi and Cheremule, Bessude was enteoffed to Don Giacomo Manca by King Alfonso of Aragone: in this way the three villas set up the marquisate of Montemaggiore. The fife remained in the possession of the Manca until they were driven out in the early XIX century. In the XVII century the famine decimated the population of Bessude. At the end of the XVIII century Bessude also took part in the anti-feudal movement headed by Giovanni Maria Angioj. On 24/11/1795 the mutual alliance pact was signed against the feudal regime between the towns of Bessude, Thiesi and Cheremule. In October 1800 there was the repression by the Piedmontese troops supported by bands of outlaws.

Traditions and events:

Feast of "Sos ciciones and de sa mendula bellinda" Urban centre 1st decade of August
Feast of Our Lady of Graces Rural church of Mount Arana September 7-8
Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Urban centre 1st Sunday after the Assumption of Our Lady
Feast of Our Lady of Runaghes Urban centre September 8
Feast of Saint Martin Urban centre November 11