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Population: 1.084
Altitude: 405 metri s.l.m.
Area: 21,84 Kmq

Town hall: via Garibaldi, 6 - Tel. 079.845003 - Fax 079.845403
Postal code: 07043

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Municipality of Bonnanaro

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Brief notes on the town:

The town extends along the valley between Mount Arana and Mount Pélao. The territory, which has became important in scientific terms thanks to the presence of numerous archaeological emergences connected with the pre-Nuragic “culture of Bonnaro”, is characterised by a hilly development rich in water-bearing layers and waterways which have encouraged the cultivation of the cherry tree and the vine. The historical centre, with an elaborate urban plan, preserves a number of noble residences of the XVIII and XIX century, which are of considerable architectonic interest. There are also important places of worship such as the parish Church of San Giorgio, the Churches of Santa Barbara and of Santa Croce, built in 1624, ancient oratory of the homonymous confraternity.
A very short distance from the populated centre, at the foot of Mount Pélao, are the Churches of Santa Maria and San Basilio, built in the first half of the XVIII century.
The Church of Nostra Signora di Monte Arana stands on the top of the homonymous mountain, at 5 km from the town, and is entitled to "Our Lady of Graces".
The illustrious men of Bonnaro include Francesco Carboni (1746 - 1817), a distinguished scholar and author of the famous poem "De coralliis", dedicated to coral fishing in Alghero, Giuseppe Raga (1873-1957), sublime poet to whom is dedicated a poetry competition in Logudorese, Salvatore Budroni, who died in Ploaghe in 2004, a brave poet and improviser in limba (Sardinian script) and Pasqualino Budroni Sanna (1922- 1998), a painter and designer of national fame who inspired his pacifist and secular art with his experience in a concentration camp.

Economic activities:

The centre, of mainly agricultural tradition, owes its fame to the cultivation of vines and above all the cherry. Bonnanaro cherries are known all over the island and their method of handpicking has remained the same. It involves a large workforce and takes place between mid-May and mid-June. The cultivation of the cherry tree and the collection of its fruits, among the tastiest in Italy, has led the local town council and the local cultural and tourist office to promote the “Cherry fair”. This event also includes the promotion and sale of the many food and wine products of the area, which are true instruments to revive the local economy.

The history:

The area is rich in archaeological evidence, which ranges from the Neo-eneolithic necropolis of Korona moltana, of Pertusos and of Sas turres, to the nuraghi of Malis, Nieddu, Maria de riu and Toncanis. Domus de janas are also present on the territory. Traditionally, they are said to be fairy houses, but for the most accredited archaeologists they are intriguing tomb edifices dug into the rock.

Traditions and events:

Rites of Holy week "Isravamentu" Church of San Giorgio April 5-10
Feast of Saint George Urban centre April 22-24
Fair of the cherries Urban centre May-June
Feast of Saint Barbara Urban centre August
Feast of Our Lady of Graces Rural church of Mount Arana September 7-8
S'infarinadura de su trimoruscu Urban centre September
Living cribwith period costume Historical centre December 24
Singing of the Te Deum Church of San Giorgio December 31