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Population: 984
Altitude: 575 metri s.l.m.
Area: 18.25 Kmq

Town hall: Via Marconi - Tel. 079.793505 - Fax 079.793404
Postal code: 07010
Web: www.comunas.it/burgos
E-mail: comunediburgos@tiscali.it

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Municipality of Burgos

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Brief notes on the town:

The village appears to date from 1393, when Judge Mariano of Arborea led here 25 families of colonists to cultivate the lands of Corona. Characterised by narrow uphill streets and lanes of Medieval appearance, the village rises on a strong slopey position at the foot of the steep granite rock on which the castle of Goceano had been built by Judge Gonario of Torres in 1127, and where Judge Adelasia di Torres died around 1250. The territory has witnessed fundamental historical events which have included dramatic battles between Sardinian judges, then between judges of Torres and the Pisani, then between the Arborea until the conquest by the Aragonese.
Today, what remains of the castle is above all the powerful and majestic central square tower, surrounded by three walls containing large loopholes. From these it is possible to enjoy a spectacular view which sweeps over the entire Tirso valley to admire the mountain peaks of Oliena and Gennargentu. The mountain behind the town is of incomparable beauty. At Foresta Burgos, at the centre of the vast range of woods that follows the ridges of the Goceano, there are forest assistance centres and an important horse breeding centre. The wood is abounding in Holm oaks, downy oak, holly and yews and rare wild orchids also bloom here. Boars, foxes, red woodpeckers and pine martens can be found here in large numbers.
Naturally, the territory all around had already been populated in ancient times, as numerous nuraghi reveal: among the many a visit to Su Fraile is worthwhile for the panorama which can be enjoyed below.

Economic activities:

The typically mountain environment explains the strongly pastoral nature of the villages of the area. The economy is based on the activities linked to breeding and craftwork typical of the local tradition.

The history:

A part of the history of Goceano took part in the castle itself. It was first contested between the Sardinian judges, then between the judges of Torres and Pisani, then between the Arborea and the Aragonese. Here, in the early 13th century, the judge of Cagliari, Guglielmo di Massa, besieged the castle and imprisoned Prunisinda, wife of Judge Constantino di Torres. In the mid-thirteenth century it was home to judge Adelasia di Torres abandoned by her husband Enzo di Svevia, appointed “King of Sardinia” by his father, Emperor Fredrick II. Finally, it was a shelter for Araldo, son of Leonardo Alagon, last descendant of the Arborensi, and his men. A short time later, with the battle of Macomer the same Araldo lost his life (1478), and the Sardinian resistance declined forever to the conquest of the Aragonese. Naturally, the territory all around had already been populated in ancient times, as evidenced by the nuraghi of Sa Toa, Su Traile, Edra, Frida and Saddaco.

Traditions and events:


Feast of Saint Anthony Urban centre January 16
Carnival Urban centre February
Corpus Domini Urban centre June
Feast of Saint Leonard Urban centre November 4-6