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Population: 939
Altitude: 529 metri s.l.m.
Area: 38.83 Kmq

Town hall: Via Vittorio Emanuele, 12
Postal code: 07010

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Municipality of Cossoine

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Brief notes on the town:

The town is located within the geographical region of Mailogu, sub-region of Logudoro. It borders with the areas of the territories of the towns of Romana, Thiesi, Giave, Bonorva, Semestene, Pozzomaggiore, Mara, Padria, Monteleone Roccadoria, and a small section of Cheremule.

Economic activities:

Until the 19th century the economy of the town was traditionally based on the cultivation of cereals and vegetables, due to the fertility of the volcanic soils. Today, it is based primarily on breeding and the development of craftwork activities.

The history:

The town was probably founded in the early Middle Ages by a Corsican tribe originating from the northeastern coast of Sardinia, as testified by the name of “Corsein” present in the oldest geographical papers and the high frequency of the surname Unali (from “Gunale”, historical toponym of an administrative region of the Giudicato of Gallura-independent organisation of the Sardinian Middle Ages). Its territory also contains evidence of the passage of other tribes, including the Romans and Byzantines. Recent archaeological investigations have shown that the territory of Cossoine was populated since Neolithic times, as evidenced by the numerous Domus de Ianas, which are preserved in an excellent state. The town of Cossoine originally arose in the locality of Santu Giolzi where the ancient and homonymous parish church was found next to the district which is now called Funtana. In 1480 the Church of San Giorgio di Cossoine even hosted a synod of the diocese of Sorres, presided over by its bishop, Giacomo de Pojo (1461-1497).

Traditions and events:

Parade of allegorical floats Urban centre Carnival
Saint Sebastian Urban centre 2nd Sunday in May
Market fair of local products and craftwork activities Urban centre Summer
Summer in Cossoine - Artistic performances Urban centre Summer
Patron Saint Claire Urban centre August 11
Saint Mary Iscalas Urban centre 1st week in September
Saint Francis Urban centre October 4
Saint Lucy Urban centre December 13
Christmas fair Urban centre December