Monteleone Roccadoria

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Population: 131
Altitude: 368 metri s.l.m.
Area: 13,30 Kmq

Town hall: Via S. Antonio, 1 - Tel. 079.925117 - Fax 079.925124
Postal code: 07010

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Municipality of Monteleone Roccadoria

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Brief notes on the town:

It is situated in the northwest of Sardinia, in the province of Sassari, on a tabular relief on the top of which rises the town. A large part of the town’s territory is covered by the waters of the lake on the River Temo. The lake,which is artifical, was constructed in the early Eighties and has radically transformed the landscape giving it a much more varied appearance with forms typical of the lacustrine environment, small islands, small strips of land, long arms that fill valleys carved deeply by the waterways of the area. This new environment forms a new habitat for animal and vegetal species. There are numerous local roads, mule tracks and trails that lead to the various localities of the town.

Economic activities:

The economy of the town has always been based on sheep and goat farming, on cattle breeding and on agriculture connected with animal husbandry. In the last five years, the town council has embarked on a journey to promote the territory with tourist and cultural events and celebrations, connected with the traditions of the location to start up new opportunities for sustainable development.

The history:

Monteleone Rocca Doria is a town which can boast ancient origins. The large number of nuraghi located in the area and the finding of coins, crockery, and reservoirs dug into the calcareous rock, which are evidence of the settlement of different tanks (Roman, Carthaginian, etc.), are the clearest signs of this. The town was at its maximum splendour during the Feudal period with the settlement of the Doria. It was precisely in that period that the castle was built, from where they dominated the vast territory for 3 centuries, often invading the bordering areas of Sassari, Alghero and Bosa. It is precisely the reaction to these raids that gave way to a siege by the armies of those cities. It lasted two years and in 1436 the stronghold capitulated due to hunger.
The town with 130 residents is the least populated among all those of the Logudoro Goceano area.

Traditions and events:

Feast of Saint Anthony Abbot Church of Sant'Antonio January 17
Feast of Saint Stephen Church square August 2-3