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Population: 185
Altitude: 384 metri s.l.m.
Area: 39.72 Kmq

Town hall: Piazza Dante, 16 - Tel. 079.867873 - Fax 079.866510
Postal code: 07010

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Municipality of Semestene

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Brief notes on the town:

Semestene and its territory are an integral part of the region of Logudoro Mejlogu, a centre place, between the plateau of Campeda, the mountain ranges of Marghine Goceano, Mount Acuto and the Sassari area. The small populated centre is a true gem for the harmony of the built proportions, of clear Medieval imprint, in the layout of the buildings gathered around the parish Church of San Giorgio. It is probable that the first foundation of the church dates from the XII century. The religious building, rebuilt in its current forms in the XVI century, is included in the line of Sardinian churches, such as S. Vittoria di Theisi and S.Giulia di Padria, in which a basic late Gothic scheme is mixed with Renaissance elements.

Economic activities:

The town stands at the centre of the fertile valley ploughed by the Rio sa ‘Orla 'e sa Cariasa’ clearly indicating its agricultural vocation, in a charmingly bucolic environment. Of particular interest is the production of durum wheat and vegetables.

The history:

A short distance from the town is one of the best-known architectonic monuments of the whole of Sardinia It is the Romanesque church dedicated to S. Nicolò di Trullas, with a foundation of clearly Pisan origin inspired by the prototypes of the Churches of S.Maria del Regno di Ardara and of S. Michele di Plaiano. The church, documented as already existing in 1114 when it was donated to the monastic order of the Camaldolesi, consists of a single nave building with terminal apse built with ashlar of calcareous stone and sandstone interposed by insertions of dark blocks of trachyte material.

Traditions and events:

Feast of Saint George Urban centre April 23
Feast of Saint Nicholas Urban centre August 10-17