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Population: 3.047
Altitude: 461 metri s.l.m.
Area: 63,8 Kmq

Town hall: Piazza Caduti, 1 - Tel. 079.886012 – Fax 079.889199
Postal code: 07047

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Municipality of Thiesi

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Brief notes on the town:

Thiesi is situated at the centre of Logudoro in the sub-region of the Meilogu, and is its chief town. It is located south east of Sassari. The western part of the territory is dominated by various mountain groups with tops that reach an altitude of 750m. Much of the remaining part of the territory presents a hilly appearance characterised by fertile plateaus. There are numerous hectares of territory covered by woods, at times secular, of oak, downy oak, cork trees, etc. At the centre extends a plain crossed by different waterways that merge to form the Rio Bidighinzu, which is none other than the upper course of the Rio Mannu.

Economic activities:

The prevailing activity of the territory of Thiesi is sheep farming. What characterises the centre the most is the developed milk and dairy industry which boasts different industries with numerous employees, making the small centre leader in the production and export of local cheeses. Another long-standing activity is the processing of raw hide which is collected and sold in Thiesi. Craftwork activities, above all of the traditional kind, are very few.

The history:

The archaeological documentation found in the area of Thiesi certifies human attendance from the Ancient Neolithic to the Middle Ages. Excluding numerous others there are four archaeological sites to mention in terms of importance and particularity: the Sa Corona cave of Mount Majore; the megalithic site of Mount Mesu (perhaps a sacrificial altar); the hypogeic tomb of Mandra Antine characterised by the polychrome mural art, the nuraghe of Fronte Mola (rare rectangular shape).
The first historical information on Thiesi dates from the Middle Ages (XI century). During the judicial period Thiesi was an important villa of the giudicato of Torres (independent organisations of the Sardinian Middle Ages).
In 1436 the King, Don Alfonso, enteoffed the villas of Thiesi, Cheremule and Bessude to brothers, James, John and Andrea Manca, forming the marquisate of Monte Maggiore. In this way Don Giacomo Manca became feudal lord of Thiesi. In 1793 the popular anti-feudal uprisings restarted which were true and proper armed insurrections. The centre was the seat of agitation and uprisings which were punctually followed by repressions until it culminated in the sadly famous repression of 1800 during which 60 were killed and injured.

Traditions and events:

Feast of Saint Victoria Urban centre  
Feast of Saint John the Baptist Rural church June 24
Feast of Our Lady of Seunis Urban church September 9
Fair of the cheese Urban centre Date subject to change
Feast of the sausage Urban centre Date subject to change
Feast of Roast cheese Urban centre Date subject to change