Villanova Monteleone

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Population: 2.477
Altitude: 567 metri s.l.m.
Area: 202.29 Kmq

Town hall:
Via Nazionale, 106 - Tel. 079.960044 - Fax 079.960736
Postal code: 07019

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Municipality of Villanova Monteleone

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Brief notes on the town:

The historical centre, which is very well preserved, is characterised by the typical constructions in stone which develop in height. The streets paved with cobblestones are narrow and characteristic of areas where the only medium of locomotion and transportation was the horse. Inside the village, the Church of San Leonardo da Limoges, dating from 1500, with a single nave and lateral chapels with precious wooden altars, and the Churches of the Rosario and Santa Croce are worth a visit. The town is abounding in water fountains. The fountain named of "su cantaru", is well known. The Sardinian term is borrowed from the Arab, meaning "fountain" "water-spring". Another important source of water is found along the road towards Alghero, and it is called "su Paradisu". Other sulphurous thermal springs are found around its territory because it is an area of volcanic origin: very well known for this is the imposing and spectacular Mount Minerva, an ancient extinguished volcanic shaft, which rises close to Monteleone Rocca Doria and from which historically comes the new town of Villanova (Bidda Noa de Monteleone). The views of half of Sardinia that can be seen from this town in the direction of Alghero-Sassari and Bonorva are breathtaking. Of great naturalistic interest is the 14 km of uncontaminated coast where it is still possible to observe the gliding flight of the griffon vulture.
Curiosity: Fellini shot some scenes of his film "La Bibbia" in the valley of the source of the River Temo, on the southern side of the localities of "potu fritu and "Rio de campus".

Economic activities:

The cheese made from cow’s milk is the continuity with the past of an art, which in these areas has found the best conditions to produce products of the highest quality.
The local craftwork is represented by the production of carpets and tapestries, which are still being produced by the women of the town, using the primitive horizontal looms. The Sardinian-Anglo-Arab horses bred by the people of Villanova are spectacular.

The history:

Its origins are uncertain. According to the most accredited theory the village was built by the refugees after the capitulation of the Montaleone Fortress, of which Brancaleone Doria was the lord, in 1436, at the hands of the militia of Sassari, Alghero and Bosana. Signs of human settlements emerge almost everywhere in the vast territory. The archaeological sites of Nuraghe Appiu and the prehistoric hypogeum of Puttu Còdinu are accessible.

Traditions and events:

Carnival Urban centre February
Event with the Choir de Iddanoa Monteleone Urban centre March 21-27
Feast of Saint Leonard Urban centre June 5
Feast of Saint Anthony Town football pitch July 31
Event of the Sardinian Choir Song Town football pitch Early August
Feast of Our Lady of the Street Urban centre August 7
Feast of the Sheep Urban centre August 7
Sardinian poetry prize "Remundu Piras" Urban centre August 7
Road race "From the sea to the mountain" Agro August 21
Feast of Saint John Shrine of Interrios August 29
Feast of Our Lady of Interrios Shrine of Interrios September 8