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The best way to become acquainted with this territory, its colours, traditions and landscapes is by paying it a visit!
There are ten towns in Gal
Logudoro Goceano
offer their guests 15 different itineraries. Though not exhaustive, they allow to discover something wonderful and uncontaminated because the journeys are within nature, among the woods of oaks, valleys, lakes, flora and fauna which populate the territory.
To choose one of the itineraries also means to be able to visit the many town or rural churches built over the centuries, to dive into the past of the castles or the archaeological remains of Pre-Christian civilisations. Above all it means to become acquainted with the people who inhabit these places, attached to their land and heirs to a natural and environmental wealth which the tourists are also called upon to respect.

1. Gold and Arts - 82 km Disl. 1.330 m
2. Treasures of Logudoro -  67 km  Disl. 1.176 m
3. Art and handicrafts of the Mejlogu - 62 km Disl. 1.206 m
4. The wild charm of the Goceano - 74 km Disl. 790 m
5. History and Art, in the heart of Sardinia 40 km 670 m
6. From one castle to another 7 km Disl. 228 m
7. Prehistoric times, nature and handicrafts 77 km Disl. 1.768 m
8. History, flavours, skills of the Logudoro - 54 km 646 m
9. Archeology and faith in the Logudoro  - 49 km  997 m
10. Uncontaminated nature and authentic food - 39 km 1.023 m
11. Awander through history and nature - 45 km Disl. 852 m
12. Route through the holy and the profane - 25 km Disl. 352 m