Gold and arts

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Osilo, visit to Malaspina Castle, visit to one of the Osilo Pecorino (sheeps’ cheese) producers. Proceed to Ittiri, visit a goldsmith who makes jewels for traditional costumes. Tour the church of N.S. di Coros (Our Lady of Coros). Stop for lunch to savour authentic local gastronomic products. On to Borutta. Visit Romanesque church and Benedictine Monastery of S. Pietro di Sorres. Short stop in Cheremule village to enjoy a beautiful view of the Valley of the Nuraghi. Proceed to Torralba. Tour of S. Antine nuraghe palace in the Valley of the Nuraghi. Return via the SS 131 motorway.

Distance: 82 km - Height difference 1.330 m (max 660 m – min 92 m)