Treasures of Logudoro

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Villanova Monteleone, walk through old town. Visit Puttu Codinu de Janas (tombs in the rock). to Monteleone Roccadoria. the ruins of Doria Castle, S. Stefano Church and the Queen’s Rock belvedere. Proceed towards the Bonu Ighinu Sanctuary, visit and continue to Mara. Visit Rural Art Museum and walk through the murales the town. Stop for lunch to savour authentic local gastronomic products. Pozzomaggiore, visit Museum of the Horse, S. Giorgio Church and the belvedere in Piazza Emilio Lussu. Proceed to Cossoine, walk through muralesof the town and visit S. Chiara Gothic-Aragonese church. Return via the SS 131 motorway.

Distance: 72 km - Height difference 1.176 m  (max  655 m – min 157 m)