From one castle to another

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Medieval town of Osilo, visit old town and Malaspina Castle, then proceed through Coros territory to reach the village of Florinas and visit the Soletta vineyards with wine-tasting. On to Ittiri, visit Our Lady of Coros and a factory making typical products. Following a picturesque route through limestone hills and valleys with numerous traces of prehistoric human settlements, we reach Romana village. Stop for lunch to savour authentic local gastronomic products. Departure for Monteleone Roccadoria, tour of ruins of Doria Castle, S. Stefano Church and the Queen’s Rock belvedere on the Temo Lake. Proceed to Villanova Monteleone to visit the Appiu Nuraghe on the plateau dominating the Poglina coast and beach of the same, easily reached via the SS 292 motorway.

Distance: 7 km - Height difference 228 m (max 653 m – min 481 m)