Prehistoric times, nature and handicrafts

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At Torralba we enter the prehistoric world of Sardinia with a visit to the archaeological museum that guides us round one of the most interesting monuments of the nuraghe civilisation, the S. Antine nuraghe palace. Passing through Foresta Burgos we reach the medieval village of Burgos to visit the Castle of Goceano and the Museum of 100 Castles. Departure from Burgos to reach the territory of Bottida. Stop for lunch to savour authentic local gastronomic products. After lunch we drive over to the eastern part of the Goceano area among precious archaeological formations, and reach the Roman thermal spa of S. Saturnino, with the church of the same name, at Bultei; we move up onto the plateau to get to the village of Nule, a picturesque place known for its carpet production; visit to a handicraft workshop where we will be shown a vertical loom being used. Sheep’s cheese-tasting will follow at Nule. We will join the SS 128 to go back onto the SS 131 motorway.

Distance: 77 km - Height difference 1.768 m (max 914 m – min 226 m)